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Saturday, December 17, 2005

How To Write A Keyword Rich Article

The creation of a Website that contains many of the words that qualify as keywords is not that difficult. A Website that is full of a particular keyword earns a high ranking in any list of related articles. However, a Website with a lot of keywords does not always motivate an Internet surfer to look long and hard at that particular Website. To achieve that, one must learn how to write a keyword rich article.

For example, a search of Websites with the keywords CNC cutting machine yields a list of many Websites with details on various CNC cutting machines. Those Websites of the top of the list might be helpful to the machine buyer, but they may not hold the interest of an Internet surfer. However, someone who knew how to write a keyword rich article about the CNC cutting machine could probably hold many of the Internet surfers who drifted onto any site with such a keyword rich article.

There is not one standard approach used by all those who know how to write a keyword rich article. Some of the keyword rich articles started life as conventional short commentaries on some event or product. The deft writer then substitutes keywords into various spots within the written article. Some writers find that such word substitution is the easiest way to produce a good, keyword rich article.

Other writers know that step one of learning how to write a keyword rich article might be choosing a focus for whatever will be written. They look for something that is interesting and different. These writers then address a particular topic, but they usually pepper with many keywords whatever they choose to write.

Once a writer has chosen a topic, then that individual needs to create many reasons to introduce into an article a large number of phrases, phrases that contain the selected keyword. If for example a writer is dealing with the topic of history of the cell phone, then the writer might put in the first paragraph a phrase such as this: before anyone had chosen to write about the history of the cell phone... The ability to come up with such phrases demonstrates an understanding of how to write keyword rich articles.

Of course, the mere creation of multiple keyword phrases seldom serves to hold the interest of the reader. Those phrases must be presented in an organized manner. They should help a writer to illustrate with keywords the important points within any article.

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