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Friday, December 09, 2005

How Ordinary People Are Making Thousands of Dollars From Internet Information Publishing

Johanes Gutenberg, the 15th century German who invented the printing press died a poor man and failed as a businessman. Yet his invention revolutionized publishing and made untold fortunes for publishers all over the world. The penniless German was responsible for the birth of mass media as we have always known it, where a handful of publishers have been able to reach audiences of millions.

Thanks to the increasingly powerful World Wide Web that “Gutenberg model” which has survived a number of centuries is in the process of being replaced and already we are seeing a glimpse of things to come as real panic starts to penetrate traditional mainstream media like newspapers. It is no longer necessary to have vast resources and plenty of cash to reach hundreds of thousands of readers with your publication. The cost of publishing online is close to zero allowing anybody anywhere to publish and anybody with the necessary skills to quickly become successful at it.

There is no stopping the rapidly increasing number of ordinary people (as well as serious, organized businesses) who are increasingly making tons of cash from online publishing activities. They are proving to themselves and to the rest of the world that indeed the future of publishing is already here and that there is no doubt the future is on the net. Here are 8 different ways in which online publishers have made some serious cash in recent times.

1. Tip Jars Tip The Scales The first time I heard about this idea of generating cash from online publishing, I laughed out loud and doubted whether it would amount to anything. Looking at some of the six-figure amounts that have come to some online publishers (bloggers) I’ve long stopped laughing.

In one recent amazing case readers feverishly tipped a writer who attacked an unpopular court verdict in his blog post, echoing the general feeling of the public. When the tips were tallied at the end of the day, they amounted to a staggering $30,000. This happened at the popular blog, Ohmynews. Numerous other bloggers have given up their jobs and gone into full-time blogging (online publishing) from the generous tips of their readers.

While everybody knows that a good publication is supposed to be answerable only to its’ readers, the real world does not quite work like that. In offline publishing powerful businesses have always bribed, bullied and cajoled the press to keep certain embarrassing stories from seeing the light of day. And because somebody has to pay the bills, newspapers and other media have lost many battles over the years to more powerful forces. Even big advertisers have been able to kill popular stories by just threatening to withdraw their huge advertising contracts from a publication.

This kind of bullying becomes a lot more difficult to execute online, more so with a tip jar system in place. It keeps the publisher and the writers sharply focused on where their loyalties should firmly be.

Still, tip jars are tricky and to benefit from them, you will need to understand how they work and what needs to be done to encourage a flood of tips.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Saves The Day In the early net days, banner ads ruled and were responsible for many online business failures. Conventional advertising just doesn’t work online. But relevant, text PPC (pay-per-click) ads are another story. They’re responsible for the huge profits search engines like Google are now pulling in. PPC ads are also responsible for the massive shift of advertising dollars from offline media to online outlets.

The Google Adsense PPC affiliate program is helping many small publishers all over the world to earn thousands of dollars. Google recently profiled one of their Adsense affiliates in one of their blogs whom they say makes an average of $42,000 every month. There have been claims of even higher figures on various sites all over the net.

There are however numerous other less known ways in which ordinary online publishers are making their money. The following example is a case in point.

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