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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Do Not Dump Your Articles on the Market in Batches of 20 to 30!

Is more meaning also better? Yes. And sometimes it is not. And those times count.

If you are on the wrong side of the market and you have a significant size of stock to sell you will not dump them to the first broker you meet. You will instead sell bit and pieces to different brokers.

Words are very powerful, but they are subject to inflation as are any other economic goods, although on internet there appears to be another law. The law that made faxes so powerful: the more people used them, to more value they got.

Of course there is a value in writing and publishing articles. Yet think how a search-engine will follow your production.

They will track this writing and will calculate a trend. So as any company the rule of thumb is that only growth counts. Growth and expectations of future growth. That is a rule that count in many areas, not only in the stock market (Why would GOOG stock price at around 413 with a net profit of only 5$?).

If you dump one week twenty articles and the next week 4, the search engine will see that as a fall in production. You cannot meet the expectations you have set. Your share will decline.

So what should you do? Write as you have ever done. But do not think that with dumping them on the market you will do yourself a favour. Write as ever and sell them one at a time.

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