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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Article Star Rating Systems Online

Have you ever noticed that online article rating systems on and other news sources and article online submission sites tend to drag out the worst of the human spirit? Have you ever considered that these rating systems are abused by persnickety, vindictive, insomniac, Prozac taking, depressed, angry and psychologically challenged people. If they disagree with an article or political point they under rate the story or rate it with one-star because the truth offends them?

This doesn’t just happen in the mass media online story or article rating but also on online article submission sites. One has to ask the question; Why do weak people with little minds get so caught up in their own little pathetic world that they cannot control their own emotions and sneakly berate a story or article? Indeed there are cases where a pea-headed low cranial capacity, worthless scoundrel will go thru an authors entire line up and rate all their articles with one-star; but why? Who has the time to go and do that?

Some say well what do you expect from a group of writers and folks living in the virtual world of the Internet after losing site of the real world? Indeed that is an interesting point. I guess one would expect just because these folks are hiding behind keyboards in anonymity certainly they possess some shread of common decency and maybe just a touch of integrity? Yet, they do not appear too.

The Star Rating Systems on articles or stories is therefore completely worthless. In fact the more a story draws out of the wood work the nut cases and losers of the world to comment the better. Because that means the article or story is making people think, drawing out their childish and petty behavior and thus provoking a reaction. So if your articles receive one-star, take it as a compliment, because you made them think. Indeed driving controversy also drives viewership as well and on the Internet that is a good thing. Think on this children next time you rate an article, who is controlling your mind, you or that writer that you berate.

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