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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Writer Beware! Is Becoming a Scam? You Decide

Writers Beware! Is Becoming a Scam? You Decide.

I will relate to you my personal experience with so that you and other hard-working writers out there could take note and avoid getting cheated and abused by the mentioned online service.

Around late September of 2004, I was browsing online searching for a great website where I could share my writing projects with other writers. One search engine brought up result pages of thousands of writing-related services, software, and such. Finally, I found listed and I clicked on its link to visit the site. I liked what I read and decided to sign up for a free account on its home page.

After reading its FAQs and other informative material about the site, the idea truly attracted me of reaching literally hundreds of thousands of authors and readers. I loved its dynamic promotional possibilities, the variety of ways to market my writing pieces, and the different tools that became instantly available to me when I signed up.

During my stay at, I created a number of poems and articles, made them available to the general public at, and received decent, constructive, and honest reviews from well-meaning reviewers. I learned how to improve my poem or article by making a few changes, cutting the "fat," etc. I also regularly reviewed other writers' poetry, book chapters, and short stories, and received kind compliments on my sincere reviews. Every time I reviewed someone's writing, I received what are called "Gift Point." I thought that was a neat and encouraging way to motivate a writer to keep drafting new pieces.

After a year of being an active participant, buying "Gift Points" from with my credit card to promote my articles, I went to the home page to log in into my account one night, and I was absolutely unable to do so! On top of the home page it read "Username has been deleted." I received no prior warning, no notice of any kind, or not even a refund of the unused Gift Points I still had.

This unexpected event reminded me of who has been charged by its former marketers of turning into a scam operation. cancelled their account and did not refund their remaining balance. is headed in the same exact direction. It's a shame but that's the sad reality. There are thousands of good authors that run the same risk of losing unused Gift Points, their account, and their writing drafts!

I tried emailing the administrator, but my email bounced back to me undelivered! When this action occurred, it really made me doubly suspicious. The next day, October 31, I tried logging in into my account at and couldn't do so for the second time. For sure this is not a glitch! A glitch does not last twenty four hours!

Beware: If this happened to me, it certainly can happen to you! Tell everyone you know about and its crooked practices so that your friends and family members will not become victims as well.

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