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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What if You Wrote More Articles to Help Your Small Business?

Often the easiest way to help get new clientele is to write articles. If you are a small business this technique works very well. The more information you give the more inquiries for service you get.

The trick to writing informational articles is not just the information inside, which is important no doubt, but it is just as important to do so in the right medium. That is to say the most bang for your buck. It is most important to be cognizant of where you place these articles. You need to have the largest megaphone.

Indeed these are two of the most important items; good content and a strong medium to get your in formation out there and your company name with it. But there is a very important third component and some people miss this one. It is important for you to get a lot of information out there. In ways that trigger the interests of all people, all your target market segments and anyone who potentially could buy from your small business. So you must not just write articles, but you need to concentrate on writing a lot of articles.

Once you have written 20-30 articles about your industry or market sector next you need to step up and find creative ways to give information on sub-subjects specifically geared towards a larger audience. What if You Wrote More Articles to Help Your Small Business? How much more business would you get then? Are you sure you can handle all that new business coming in?

Think on this.

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