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Thursday, November 03, 2005

What if Nobody Wrote Top Ten Type Articles?

What if nobody wrote articles that began with “the Secrets of...” and nobody wrote the top 7 or top 10 ways to do something? What if each article was written in a way, which got your mind going and the flow of thought pumping? What if the readers of all the top 10 type and “The Secrets of...” hype were just a little less shallow, were not in such a hurry and actually enjoyed articles of more substance? What if people actually liked to read and enjoyed learning? What if people were fully activated while reading?

What if authors were not forced to write snippets, but could actually attract readers without writing mindless stuff? What if more people read articles and information about things that were above and beyond the shallow subjects of sex, being rich and too thin? What if humans started thinking again and woke up? What if the strategy of writing Top Ten Secrets of “X” were not the articles that people mostly read? What if most people could read over an eighth grade reading level? What if the Internet was a place where more intelligent people could converse rather than allowing it to sink down to the lowest common denominator?

What if no one pointed these things out? What if everyone was afraid to say it? What if all Internet Surfers did not even notice their brains turning to mush? What if no one asked these questions? Worse yet, what if no one ever tried to change it or answer the questions. Think on that.

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