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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Using Articles to Market Your Business by Answering Questions

Using articles in your marketing can make you into the EXPERT (think - you're they're superhero), answer customer questions, and ultimately, help you sell stuff!

There is no better way to advertise and promote information than to use articles. Article can answer questions that people have regarding your product or service. Who better to answer those questions than you, the expert on your product of service?

Many businesses are now marketing their products and services via the internet. This is a great way to communicate information to people all around the world. In the absence of articles there are plenty of websites that would fail to have any purpose. All of the articles that support various products on the web have a real marketing spin. Using articles as part of a marketing program is how many items get sold, because those articles are written to answer questions people have to problems they face. Usually the solution presented in the article shows that the answer to the question is the product or service you market. Brochures, newsletters, direct mail letters and magazines columns are all perfect examples of article marketing.

To write your article, the first thing you need to do is determine your aims for writing the article. Ask yourself three simple questions

What is it I am trying to sell?

What am I trying to achieve?

Who is my target market?

In order for you to sell a product, write your article so that it meets the needs and desires of your potential customers and potential target markets. In other words, what question or problem that the customer is having can you solve by the time they finish reading the article?

Write the article so that it gets to the heart and soul of the buyer in a way that helps them to see how truly beneficial the item is to them. Emotions play an important role in a customer's decision to purchase something.

If your aim is to market a service that you offer, then you might want to include testimonials in your articles. Phrases such as "They go above and beyond every time." These sorts of phrases help to ensure you customers feel confident above using your services. Make sure your testimonials are from real people. You want to run an ethical business.

In a world that consists of an ever-growing market in the technology field and expanding information age, it is important to have a precise plan when marketing with articles. You want your customers to be reassured that you have the information that will simplify their work, life, etc...

In other words, ANSWER the questions that they didn't know they had.

Basically, the plan is to design your ideas for marketing with articles so that the articles focus on filling the need of your client in a way that they want your product or service above your competitors.

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