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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Submitting Articles to Ezines

Ok, your article’s ready to go!

Now, you should take out your list of Ezines that you have chosen to submit to.

If you chose to use a mail merge program to submit them, I have a few good ones listed in the resource section.

If you chose to send them out manually, make sure you do not use the BCC field or CC function for this.

Here are the things you need to include in your message to the editor:

Introduce your article and give personal information about yourself. The editor needs to have your contact information and a little background info on you helps as well.

You need to make your email stand out from the crowd. Personalize the first paragraph and speak directly to the editor about how well your article fits with their Ezine’s content.

Give your editor the number of words in your article

Do not send your article as an attachment . Most editors will simply throw it away because it poses a risk of having a virus.

Your headline should tell them what you are sending – Ex- New Article for Your Consideration
To find the addresses of Ezines publishers, you can use databases such as,

Ezines search database

You can also post your article to several websites where Ezines editors go to search for new material. They are:

Ezines articles

Submit marketing articles

Writing articles for Ezines is a wonderful, free way to get your name out there and establish yourself in your field. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-written article in the right, targeted Ezine!

By: Anne AhiraEditor The BEST Affiliate Newsletter


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