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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Should You Use Ghostwriters that are "A Dime a Dozen?"

Lately there's been a lot of talk about articles,articles for your web site content, articles for your ezine, articles with your bio info posted to article directories.

So what's the big deal anyway? Why is it suddenly being touted as so vitally important!

Actually, there is absolutely nothing more important than having good content on your web site and in your newsletter. Information is what people or looking for, and if you want to attract them to your place of business (your web site), then you had better supply it. And lots of it!

The important keyword here is "good" content. The information you provide must be useful and relevant to the theme of your web site. If your site is about Online Marketing then you need to show me articles about it. Don't tell me how to cook chicken or how to lose money gambling, because I'm not interested. Show me what I need, or goodbye forever...

Why it's being re-discovered as urgent, is because Google and Yahoo rate the calibre of your web site through the information you provide. The higher your ranking is, the higher up in the search results will your web pages appear. As you probably know by now, if you show up higher than #30, you're most likely invisible to surfers, as they will click on one of the first 10 search results, and occasionally from 11 to 30.

The big question then, is where do you find this information to post to your web pages. Actually, if you can write it yourself, that is the best solution.

Otherwise, you can find free articles from the Submission directories and use those. The only condition is that you must keep the author's name and web site info at the bottom of the piece.

That is standard.

However, you should know that the Search engines prefer original work, as opposed to an article that appears 50 or more times on other web sites.

The ultimate solution is to use ghostwriters. Ghostwriters are copywriting experts who you hire to write for you. The work will have your name on it, as you bought the copyright when you hired the copywriter.

Here is the most critical dilemma you face in finding the right ghostwriter: finding a copywriter that knows how to write in English, and one who understands well the subject you want written about.

It's a real challenge. There are many writers today working for $6 to $10 per article of 500 to 700 words. These are the ones you find at places like elance or rent-a-coder.

At the other end of the spectrum are writers who charge $500 to $2,000 per article, and $1,000 to $5,000 for a top quality sales page. Needless to say, I have never used one of these as they are a tiny bit out of my league (for now anyway).

For mid range pricing, expect to pay from $150 and up for a top notch article. And $500 and up for a sales page.

So your choice then is between the 'cheapie' ghostwriters at $10 and top quality work at $150.
I do have some experience with both. My first 4 web pages on Best Affiliate Products were written for $150 each.

Lately, I have been experimenting with the 'cheapies'. But I have been very frustrated with the shoddy quality of work. Firstly, in many cases the authors do NOT know their subject and quess at what they write. Yuk!

The different writing styles leaves much to be desired. Why? It's extremely important that the articles have a writing style similar to your own. Not identical, but not so different that you lose your credibility. Your readers get to know you on Article directories, for example, and if they find an article with your name that is not up to your standard... let's just say they may not read you again.

If the ghostwriters don't know your subject well enough to suit your taste, can they afford to research it? Of course not. After all, can you really expect 2 hours for $10 to be so great, and then ask to do more research. I wouldn't do it, would you?

I often spend 2 hours or more just editing an article (only if the subject is good) so it is more compatible with me. This does get tiresome, but needs to be done.

You really do get what you pay for. With a lot of research, along with trial and error, you may find an author worth keeping, and that can write dozens of articles for you. But it's a long shot for the average guys like us.

Should you try to find one? Why not. It's practical to have a source for volume articles.
As well I strongly recommend having a really good writer for special work. Especially sales pages, which are really hard to get right. Even as an affiliate you occasionally need a good sales page, especially for the resale rights packages you will sell for yourself.

At my web site you will learn more about copywriting, ghostwriters and find recommendations there.

Ghostwriters are a necessary fact of life in today's online business world, so budget accordingly. Get the full benefit that good web content and article submissions will give you.

Fred Farahcopyright 2005

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