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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quality of Online Articles and Search Engine Ranking

Many online article authors work so hard to make their articles perfect in every way. So much so that many of these perfectionists never write very many articles, which is necessary for success. You see the quality of articles has nothing to do with Search Engine Ranking.

Of course once you get the reader there; then your article quality does matter. The number of clicks you get, the number of page views or hits to your article is the first and most important matter, because with online article marketing you have to get the traffic first. Did you know that if you submit articles to online free article submission sites that in fact crappy articles or barely passable it makes people want to click out and click to somewhere else. Yet they still came to read it and may get partially thru it? Did you also know that if someone hates you because of what you wrote that they are liable to click onto your sight just to tell you so?

Did you know that most companies turn complaints into sales or increased business? You see, turning a complaint into a lead or friend is nearly universal in human behavior, as anger triggers action and you can manipulate action to serve your will, thus the martial art of Judo where you use the opponents energy to win. Verbal Judo sparing is taught in classes pertaining to conflict resolution and debate.

What does this mean? It means while quality is important it is not as important as the numbers game, meaning write lots of articles first, work on quality second and third it is okay to create controversy, because it sells and causes emotion, tension and causes click thrus, to your site hopefully. Now I do not want anyone who disagrees with me to argue. I know what I am talking about and you just have no clue. See, you want to click that link don’t you to find out who I am or why I have the balls to argue with you and even call you a stupid human, who just doesn’t get it.

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