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Monday, November 21, 2005

How a Novice Author Can Write 3000 Articles in Under 9 Months

If you asked the average writer if it were possible to write 3000 articles in under nine months, they would most likely say; “That is impossible!” And you would find few to argue against that point. In fact in looking at such a goal it does appear impossible, yet for those who believe, they will always be the ones to achieve.

Let us break it down, to write 3000 articles in only nine months you would have to write 333 articles per month or 11.1 articles per day. You would not be able to take any days off if you wanted to finish. You would have to write 165,900 words per month or 5550 words per day. So in looking at the break down you can see it is possible, as anything is possible.

Each year authors get together for the National Novel Writers Month or “NaNoWriMo” contest, which is a sprint to the finish 50,000-word novel from scratch each November. They say novel writing is much easier than article writing once you start. The events organizer says that word counts are matter in this race and those words can be crap. Chris Baty is the Founder of the event and although he says that most of the novels are not very good, several of the authors have received book deals and that is common each year. Now there are 42,000 participants and about 6,000 actually complete their works with the 50,000 words. Many or the top writers of the contest write up to 2,000 words per day.

If an online article writer wrote 50,000 words in one month, they would have written 1,000 articles in nine months, which would be a remarkable accomplishment. And 1000 articles would with a by-line under them with a link to a website, would drive incredible amounts of traffic if you were smart enough to post them on the Premier Online Article Submission Site on the Internet; Your traffic from that site alone would be 250,000 articles views. I know this because today I am just shy of 750,000 articles views, which at the current rate will be hit by the end of next week. Additionally your articles would end up in First Class Ezines and on website through RSS Feed all over the Internet.

You will have to take all your worldly knowledge to write 1,000 articles online and work hard to write each day 3-4 articles each day, every day for nine months. I know you can do this, I did it and I am not even a writer, the expert writers are now calling me “The Accidental Writer” which seems to be the case, but if I can do it, anyone can. Currently I am averaging 285,000 words per month and in October I posted 570 articles, this month I hope to better than to 600 articles. My goal was to reach 3000 articles by January 1, 2006 and I am very happy to report this article makes my three thousandth article and I accomplished this goal a month and a half early. I am smiling right now as I write this and indeed, I am very happy.

I wish to thank my mentor Dina Giolitto for helping me get tough and giving me good advice to better my quality, which I am still working on to this day. I would like to thank Jeff Herring, “The Article Guy” for being a tough competitor with good advice for spicing up my articles and helping me hone my skills. Lastly I would like to thank Chris Knight for allowing me the opportunity to share my knowledge with the World and helping me in my mission to wake people up and make them think. Please believe me, I did not start out as a writer and I am still struggling to work on my skills and I guarantee you if I can do this, then anyone can. Think on this.

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