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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Article Writing & Marketing: Tell a Story, Make Some Points

p>Did you know that each person's life tells a story?

You can tell a story that says, here, go this way, or tell a story that says, stop don't go that way.

The really cool thing is we get to pick what kind of story we want our life to tell.

An article about just one story

One method of writing articles is to tell a story from your own life and make some points for life.

Ten years ago I got pulled over at four AM in the morning while driving around trying to get my 1 year old son to sleep. No big deal really, except that all I was wearing was a t-shirt and underwear.

Briefs, by the way.

The one article I wrote about that story has gotten lots of mileage for me. That story has become a keynote speech that I give, and then draw four or five lessons for life from my experience.

All I do is make some common sense points such as the ones below:

1. We are responsible for the choices we make.

2. We are responsible for the outcome of the choices we make.

3. Our individual lives tell a story and leave a trail to either follow or avoid.

4. It's important to leave your house fully clothed.

You get the picture.

What's your story?

So what story could you pull from your life experience and write about? Then make some points for living or lessons for life.

That's an article, a speech and whatever else you wish to make it.

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