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Friday, November 04, 2005

Article Writing: A Great Way to Promote Your Website

There’s nothing quite so satisfying than seeing your name in print, whether it be in the local newspaper or on a website article. And to be quite honest there is no better way to promote your website than writing articles, out of all methods discussed by the online promotion experts this always makes its way to the top of the list as being the must do to succeed in web promotion.

Its sometimes baffling then why so many people find it difficult to write a short article to promote their website and usually resort to many other ways that usually involve great cost.

With the advent now adays of so many online article directories there has never been a better time to start writing articles and having them published on this vast array of article websites.

I always aim to write an article containing approximately 300 to 500 words regarding my chosen subject, try keeping the general wording in easy to understand paragraphs and if possible a little light humour is always an added bonus.

Always try to provide interesting subject matter for the reader so that they want to know more and continue to read the article to the final word, if you can achieve this goal then you have produced a quality item that all website publishers and ezine owners will be willing to place on their websites and in their publications.

Remember that if you place your website address in the resource box at the end of your article they will be more likely to click onto this if they have enjoyed or found interesting information from your article and in turn this will produce a steady flow of visitors to your website.

Having written your first article you will find that writing your second and subsequent ones becomes easier and easier and before long you will have built up quite an impressive portfolio, each one of which will bear a unique link to your chosen website and will be providing a steady flow of visitors for you in the future.

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