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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Writing Articles: I Can't Get Any Traffic Vs. I Couldn't Stop the Traffic If I Wanted To

Do you know how difficult it can be to get traffic to your site and how easy it is to fall for the latest fad? Well here is a tried and true, long term approach to getting tons of traffic.

Here we go again

Just today I got another email from one of my members at Building Your Ideal Practice. This member was frustrated because the latest get traffic gimmick they had fallen for was not working. It was not working because it won't work.

I'm looking forward to helping this member save money and use a system that will work to get traffic to their site. This member will save money because this form of generating traffic costs nothing but your time.

Simple yet so powerful

Writing article and then marketing articles on the internet is a sure fire way to get traffic.
I've written at least one article a week for 11 years for a large national newspaper chain. The syndication of these articles brings me a stream of traffic to my web sites. It's nice, but it is only a minor stream.

Then I discoverd One of the members of Building Your Ideal Practice told me about an article directory where she wsa posting her articles. So I checked it out, appled for an account, and I've been posting articles since April of '05.

Reaching a critical mass

So many people post a few articles and then when they do not get a flood of traffic, they give up and whine that it does not work.

Well, it won't work if all you do is few.

Once I hit 25 articles on, I reached some kind of critical mass. I am telling you the gospel truth that at this point, I could not stop the raging river of traffice to my sites if I wanted to.

If this article is accepted, it will be my 380th article posted on Just about everyday, I have the following experience:

My system is set so that I get an email each time I get a new subscriber. Often I will check my email, clear out the notices of new subscribers, and as soon as those notices are gone, there are more waiting for me.

The choice is between whining about no traffic or celebrating not being able to stop the traffic.

Which will it be for you?

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