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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Promotional Article Writing 101 - Part One

Just what is a promotional article? You happen to be reading one. A promotional article is an article, just like you would find in any magazine or newspaper, except it is written to promote the author and his or her website. Promotional articles are typically distributed freely to website owners. It is truly a win-win situation for the website owner and author.

Today's Internet revolves around content and promotional articles allow website owners to fill their website with great content on a variety of topics. Writing and distributing promotional articles is the single best way to market a website today.

As you read promotional articles, you will notice the wide array of writing ability—or lack thereof. For a promotional article to be successfully distributed on a wide scale, it must be written and presented well. In this article, we are going to begin talking about some simple tips you can perform to ensure that your promotional article rises above the masses.

Tip One: Titles

A title can elevate or destroy a promotional article. If the title is great, more people will take interest and proceed to read your article. However, a poor title will drive people away. So what makes a good title?

The title should not be too long. Keep it to the point.

The title should be very descriptive. Since we are writing a promotional article for marketing purposes, cute titles need not apply.

The title should catch the eye. Play around with different titles and see which one grabs your
attention the most. Example One: Writing a Promotional Article is pretty easy to do.
Example Two: Promotional Article Writing 101

Which is best? Example One is a sentence not a title. In my second example, the title is to the point and you know what the article entails right from the start. Could I have come up with a better title? You bet. While this title is good, there is always a better title out there. Take your time and exhaust yourself seeking out good titles.

Tip Two: Outlines

Having solid flow to your promotional articles is an absolute must. Without it, your article will appear to be choppy and your reader will become confused and eventually drift off. Creating an outline is really simple. The amount of effort you put in is up to you. Following is an example of a simple outline for this article.



What is a Promotional Article?

What are the benefits?

Tip One: Titles

What makes a good title?



Closing thought

Tip Two: Outlines

Why should I make an outline?


Closing thought


Your outline might be more involved, but the above at least shows what needs to be written and in what order they need to be written in. By outlining, it is easy to find errors in flow before time is wasted in the writing process.

Today, we have looked at two important tips for writing great promotional articles.

If you are interested in reading the rest of "Promotional Article Writing 101", please visit my website at More tips wait to be discovered and applied. Following my advice will allow you to create promotional articles that stand out and do their marketing job more effectively.

Jason A. Martin is a Journalism major and has over a decade of successful Internet business experience. His informational articles can be found at Jason A Martin ( He owns a marketing company ( that specializes in copywriting & copyediting, article writing & editing and search engine optimization & marketing.


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