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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Page View Logic As Applied To Article Writing & Marketing

Do you want to grow the level of traffic to your website? Most people think that they want to get more HITS, but what they really want to grow is their "page views". Let's look at a very basic formula for growing your page views.

Page Views vs. HITS: (Definitions)

HITS is so 1990's as HITS has also been knows as: How Idiots Track Success. If you have 3 images on a page, you might be generating 4 hits each time someone views your page. Therefore, it's largely a useless number. (1) Page View is equal to one view of your page. If you get 100k page views, you could say that someone pulled down and looked at 100k pages of your content. Bottom line: You want to grow your page views.

The Page View Secret Formula

Your total page views in a given time period is directly related to the number of pages you have available in your website or article inventory.

Forget complicated or sneaky SEO strategies. All you really need to do is focus on driving the number of pages of content you have by producing more quality original articles. The search engines love quality original content. Give it to them and they reward you with more traffic referrals.

Each article you have is an agent of yours...working for you, selling 24 hours a day. Want more traffic? Create more article agents.

Page View Analogies:

Here are two analogies to drive home Chris Knight's Page View theory 101:

Grocery Store: Have you ever went to a small country-side grocery store that has perhaps 10k or 20k SKU's (products for sale)? While this might meet your convenience needs, it does not meet your variety needs compared to a super market that might have 100k SKU's in stock.

Grocery stores know their SKU count because they are constantly trying to maximize revenue on paper thin margins and you can't drive sales if you only have a few thousand SKU's.
Chorus: You can't drive article marketing traffic success without more article agents selling for you. Therefore, create more articles and set a goal to have thousands of them as part of your business plan.

Search Engines: Ever go to a small search engine to do a general search? They might have a few hundred million entries, but never enough to rival the 8-12+ billion entries of the major players in the search engine space. The small guys get displaced and forgotten as consumers demand variety, thoroughness and choice.

Chorus: You need more article agents selling for you. Write another 100 of them before the month is over and put them to work.

Page View Creation Bottom line:

Total page views generated over a given time period is directly related to how many pages or articles of content that you have. 10, 100 or 1,000 articles may not cut it any more. You need thousands of quality original articles that work for you, 24 hours a day. Time to think bigger. No, it's not impossible. Yes, others have done this already. Yes, you can do it too! Get started today.

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