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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Merry Christmas: Now Start Writing

The holiday season is coming quickly and the time to write your “seasonal” articles is now. Personally, I am against making Christmas something that I do not believe it should be: a blatant commercial sell. For me, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Yes, I know others celebrate Christmas differently or not at all and some celebrate the “sell” and not the “Savior.” Ultimately, the Christmas season is a terrific time to create holiday themed articles that get noticed, so here are some suggestions on how you can get started:

Family Time: Starting with Thanksgiving and lasting all the way through New Year’s Day is a time of the year that we call The Holiday Season. This nearly 40 day period is an enjoyable time for some, but a disaster for others. Much of how one perceives the season depends on how strong of a relationship a person has with his or her family. For some, Christmas evokes warm memories, while for others it can be a very painful time. Article suggestions: Home for the Holidays; Gift Giving Ideas; Family Holiday Traditions; My Secret Santa; Traveling Over the Holidays; Alone, But Not Lonely at Christmas; etc. In addition, articles centered on Thanksgiving or the New Year can also be birthed out of this theme. For example, “Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Planning” and “Resolutions I Will Never Keep” are two ideas.

Faith Time: Writing to an audience that celebrates Christmas primarily as the advent of Jesus Christ can be a great way to generate many topics of interest. Article suggestions: All About Advent; The Christmas Miracle; Christmas All Around The World; Favorite Christmas Hymns; Ministering to the Lonely at Christmas; The Mass of Christ; Christmas Caroling Adventures; A Very Dickens Christmas; etc. In addition, some topics can successfully blend the secular and faith aspects of the holiday which is how many people celebrate Christmas.

Work Time: Like it or not, the dreaded “holiday party” comes up for plenty of employees in December. You can have some fun with this theme too. Article suggestions: 7 Excuses That Work: How to Skip Your Office Party; Coping at Your Office Christmas Party; 12 Christmas Grab Bag Suggestions; Christmas Bonuses: Myth or Reality?; Working on Christmas Day [great for nurses and all those who must work on a major holiday]; The Dreaded Business Christmas Card; Office Christmas Trees: Paper or Plastic?; etc. One thought: a little humor can go a long way!

There are numerous Christmas and/or Holiday themed web sites on the internet that are content rich and always looking for fresh material. Write your articles now so that webmasters can plan accordingly on how they want their sites to look in the coming weeks.
If I haven’t inspired you yet, pop in your favorite holiday themed video to get in the mood immediately. Nostalgia is a big pull and it tugs no harder than at Christmas time.

Matthew Keegan is the owner of a successful article writing, web design, and marketing business based in North Carolina, USA. He manages several sites including the Corporate Flight Attendant Community and the Aviation Employment Board. Please visit The Article Writer to review selections from his portfolio.


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