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Saturday, October 01, 2005

From Article to E-book in 7 Easy Steps

Because content is still king and queen on the internet, writing articles provides you with a major peice of leverage online.

Let's stop for a moment and consider what I just said - content it still king and queen - how could it not be?

And how could it ever not be? Even if the internet goes all audio or all video someday (which I don't believe it will) content is still king and queen. Audio and video is just content heard and content seen.

And that my friend, is the power of writing articles.

6 things = one articleFrom article to e-book

Now that was not so tough was it? Stay with me here, because it is not going to get much more difficult.

Take one of the six items you have in your article. Add a few more sentences to it. Tell story that fits, add some quotes, perhaps a personal story, or tell success story. Give one or two examples.

You know have a chapter. Do this five more times, add a table of contents, introduction, and conclusion, and - ta-da! - you have an e-book.

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