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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ezine Article Writers - What is in Your Wallet?

If you are an online article writer and you want to see more cash in your wallet then you must be careful when writing articles to properly title them and also make sure your key words and content all match to attract the readers you want. It is also important to realize that as an online or Ezine article writer that you must make sure to keep your article view counters clicking away. After all it is a numbers game in the end, either you attract people to your site or you do not. The more people you bring in the better your chances of turning them into sales.

To calculate your article view average take the number of articles you have written and divide that by your total article views. My average article viewing is 234.6 up from 177.71 most of this however is from recent “in the news” Articles, but these events and people in the news will no longer be in the news in the next four weeks and even if extended by two-weeks this means my article view average will not go up significantly.

Most authors and myself included would like to see this at 1000 average not 234 and yes you must also realize it is a time factor as many have said. Sometimes you will notice that your old articles are not moving at all not even by 1-2 views due to being no longer in season or in the news or even on the minds of your potential readers in various times of the year.

To counter this you need to be very cognizant of your titles, content and key wording and be smart about you article submissions, think on this.

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