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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Authors and Their Problems+

Have you ever been online in a forum and ended up debating some point of contention with another, only to find out that the other is an author. Then you understand why they were able to hammer on you so hard, because they had a better command of the English Language? Yet, after reading thru the diatribe in the end there was really no merit to their debate, mostly arguing over semantics. Why are authors like this? Many are a royal pain in the butt aren’t they? Well indeed, you are not alone in your discovery of this notion in fact you may be surprised about authors. I personally do not like authors and wish people would not address me as such.

Regarding Authors, well they are only humans caught up in their sound and fury, that they will not concede a point even when they learn they are wrong. I have posted articles bringing to light the problems with authors, such as prozac ridden, alcoholics, insomniacs all with axes to grind about something, yet every time I do guess what? Some author comes to defend their ilk; and really good for them, sticking together like that.

Should one not be so hard on authors who most of which are not out to prove anything, just doing their little thing in there own way, yet how many of them are over the borderline? Think of all the personal attacks you read causing chaos and controversy in the world, coming from authors. Many authors have self aggrandizing websites too and when you read some of these people's websites (I have visited all the top 100 author's websites of one major article submission website), often they sound like god and that is disconcerting considering the performance and underachievability of the number of articles posted or the quality, considering also they proclaim themselves Authors. Yes, my articles suck, but I freely admit that and myself well I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. If you are reading this article this far that is your fault or choice not mine. After all who cares if the pen is mightier than the sword if you are not aiming right or shooting the wrong person. Think on that.

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