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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Article Writing and Marketing: 2 Laws for Prospect-Pulling Titles

The Law of Key Word Placement

Where you place your keywords in your title is crucial and goes against what you would normally assume to be true.

You want to have your key words in the first four words of your title. This is because the search engines, and readers, will notice these words more quickly than key words that show up later in the title.

For example, the title of this aritlce could have been "3 Laws for Writing Prospect-Pulling Titles for Your Articles."

Not a bad title, right.


Sense the key word phrase is article writing, we have a problem here. While writing does show up as the fourth word, the most important word, articles, does not show up until the last word in the title.

At the same time you do not want to create title that does not flow or makes little sense just to get the key words in front. "Article Writing and Marketing: 3 Laws for Prospect-Pulling Titles" flows easily, makes sense, and leads with key words.

The Law of Strength

What sounds stronger:

1. "Here are 2 suggestions you might try that could help you write better titles."

2. "2 Laws for Prospect-Pulling Titles."

Now I realize that I've exaggerated a bit in the first title, but I have seen titles that are close to that wimpy quality.

Strong titles pull in readers. Here's another example:

"Houston and St. Louis played each other in a baseball game last night"
"Houston Rockets into the World Series with win over St Louis."

Which one are you going to read?

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