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Friday, October 28, 2005

8 Secret Tips To Generate A Massive Income Using Articles

Many of us think that articles are only for traffic and such. But, do you know that there are many ways on how you can use your articles? Here are some tips that might help you with your online business.

1. Create an extra revenue stream with your website's articles or content. Publish the first paragraph of each article and charge a fee for people to read the rest. You could also allow other authors to submit their articles and split the profit.

2. Build credibility for your business by publishing an e-zine and writing articles. Your customers and prospects will see you as an expert thus creating trust towards you. You could also submit your articles to other e-zines for republishing and publicity purposes. Just require them to include your resource box at the end of the article.

3. Take advantage of popular fads. If something is popular at the current time, put up a web site about it. Just promote your main site on the fad web site. Send off a quick article about it to get free publicity. You could also do this with popular search engine keywords and phrases.

4. Add an article section to your web site. People will visit your website to read and learn new information related to their interests. You want to have original content so people can't go anywhere else to get it. You also want to update it regularly so that they will want to revisit your website again and again.

5. Promote your products within the content of your web site. Write and offer free articles, include a mentioning of the product or service you're selling. You could include it in your resource box or subtly reveal it within your article if it's related.

6. Swap articles with other e-zine publishers. You could get your articles published more often if you publish their articles in exchange. If they are hard negotiators, maybe you could offer to exchange two of their articles for one of yours.

7. Promote yourself as well as your products. Use your articles to create a free e-book or a short report. When you endorse other products for commissions, people will think your statement is extra-credible because you have established yourself as an expert.

8. Use your articles as viral marketing tools for your affiliates. You can compile it into an e-book or you can give your affiliates permission to submit it into article directories.

Remember, there are numerous ways to use your articles. Just use your imagination and don’t afraid to try something new. Trust yourself and just do it.

Azwan Asmat is the author of The Ecom Blog and has 1 year experience working with chemical substances. For more tips on online business, subscribe to his monthly newsletter.


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