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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

5 Pressing Deadlines That Keep You From Writing an Article (and How ONE Article Can Meet Them All!)

You say you just don't have time to write an article? Ah, the internet marketer's greatest challenge-- you've committed yourself to too many projects again. Here's a time-saving solution: stop thinking of it as an article. Instead, think of it as "creating multi-purpose web content."
Then, leverage the power of that one little web article to help you check off your to-do list and get noticed in as many places as possible.

Read on for five real-life online marketer deadlines that can ALL be filled in one day using just ONE article!

Pressing Deadline 1. You told a friend you'd contribute to her monthly newsletter or blog.
Why make a guest appearance in another marketer's newsletter or blog? Exposure, of course. With leads streaming in from everywhere, who knows what new contacts you might pick up from a friend that could mean future business for you. That's a pretty good reason to get going on that article for Thursday's release date.

Pressing Deadline 2. You're overdue with another post for your blog.

You like your blog to be a hearty bowl of informational soup - full of good things! Trouble is, you're stuck for a new angle. Hey, here's an idea. Take that same article you wrote for a friend and pop it into your blog. Do the same people who read your online articles also read your blog? Perhaps... but, more likely, not! If you're in a pinch and could use a time-saver, why not put that fresh content to work. Add the article, problem solved.

Pressing Deadline 3. You've been asked to "showcase your expertise" in a special e-book.
How flattering, a fellow marketer has asked you to deliver specialized attention to their readers in the form of an e-book. What to fill this e-book with? For starters, you can use that article you just created. Got more articles? Package them up into an e-book that will win instant favor with your new crop of readers! They'll love getting free downloadable info delivered in this exciting new format. And you'll love the new fans it brings.

Pressing Deadline 4. Your online network is crying out for attention!

Getting weary of typing in the same old answers to the same old questions on your network? Let the article do the networking for you. Chances are, there's a huge crop of potential business prospects in your network who never even thought to read your online cache of articles. Here's your chance to be heard. Copy and paste the fresh article you just wrote into a new thread, and voila, you can check off your networking duty as completed in record time.

Pressing Deadline 5. It's time to hit your subscriber list with another email offer.

Your readers have come to expect a tasty nugget of new info with every promotion you send out. If the idea well is running dry, just log into your web article account, grab the most recent article and invent a "freebie" or special promotion to match. Get a theme going across all of your main avenues of online communication... what a brilliant way to streamline your online marketing plans!

Once you realize that "writing that web article" is the first step toward maximizing your productivity, you'll put those articles FIRST priority instead of last. Then, next time you need fresh content, you'll know exactly where to look: your own arsenal of information-rich articles.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

Dina Giolitto is a copywriting consultant and ghostwriter with 10 years of experience writing corporate print materials and web content. Trust her with your next e-book, article series or web project, and make a lasting impression on your audience of information-hungry prospects. Visit for more details.


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