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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Marketing a Website Via Ezine Article

The purpose of this brief article is to demonstrate how I utalized an ezine article to drive some traffic to my writer’s website. As a disabled author, of little means, I was unable to pour in the massive dollars necessary to make my thriller~mystery novel, “For Sale By Owners:FSBO” a bestseller. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t bestseller material anyway? But then, neither were John Grisham’s, “A Time To Kill” or his 2nd novel, “The Firm,” until some years after they were published.

So what I did, was post some Chapter Samples as articles to allow potential book buyers to taste some of the flavor and meet several of the major characters.

Once directed ~ via “Remarks”~ to a website, the visitors would find some features of interest, even if they did not wish to order anything. I knew that I needed to keep the site changing and interesting so visitors would return to see what might have changed.

I soon discovered that “Work In Progress” was to become a favourite destination, in addition to the “Free Reprint Articles,” information on Multiple Sclerosis, disabilities, and links to related sites, groups, and a “Forum” that was in residence.

Yes, there was purchase information on my other two “Out of Print” poetry books, Beacon© and Imperfections© which I was told had become “Collector’s items.” Again, some of my poetry and songs were on the site to read ~ if visitors so chose.

I did ask for feedback from visiters but had to request that any comments be sent to me as e-mails because contact connections at the website did not always function properly ~ due to my inexperience at being a so called webmaster. As with ezine articles, I did not want to miss what site visitors had to say.

I realized it would be impossible to make a blatant request for visitors. Yet, having learned that perceived honesty is an asset, ezine articles proved a very good vehicle to establish credibility while providing a method of stimulating interest in “What else” a passionate writer might have to say on his or her own website.

Russ Miles is author of the novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. A “Seasoned Real Estate NAR® Broker,” disabled by Multiple Sclerosis, Russ writes books & articles on varied subjects. FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO ISBN 0-595-28703-4,in trade paperback, is available by phone or Internet:1-800-Authors to order direct! Adobe e-book & hard cover editions also available at at Barnes and Noble and other fine booksellers.

Comments: Please visit Russ Miles's website for other informative features and information of interest.


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