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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Article Writing; The 2000 Word Article

If you are an Internet Article Writer and use informational marketing you may want to learn of a very ironic truth. It is a misnomer to think that a 2000 word article will entice your customer to come to your website, better than taking that larger article and breaking it into five; 300 word articles. You see smaller articles get picked up more than larger articles, plus you would not have 5 instead of one. So if your goal is to get visitors to your website and click thru, you will need to consider this fact.

On the other end of the scale; A research article which has lots of examples and is a full on discussion is of value for serious people in that line of endeavor whatever it might be and 2000 words is possible, permissible and often desired. Yes, most people will generally NOT read it, but those who do can derive information. For those doing very serious academic research this might be a good strategy. So there is a potential reasoning for the Big One. But it is not necessarily a wise idea for those who want to attract visitors and buyers to their website. After all once they click thru they can have their choice to read what ever they wish on your website. Some say I am an expert now after writing over 1900 online articles which is quite a flattering statement indeed, yet to be honest about the whole thing, I am just doing what works you see? This article is now finished due to word count. Think on this concept or come think about marketing with me.

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