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Thursday, August 25, 2005

How to Use This Unique Writing Site To Make Money From Your Writing

by Christopher Kyalo

There is absolutely no doubt that the future belongs to online writers. The rapidly growing number of sites and blogs being set up every day will increasingly require writers.

So how does a writer use this information to make money now and in the future? The answer is to look for affiliate schemes for writers, or writer’s sites with good affiliate programs and join them fast and right now shortly before the rising demand for good online writers hits the roof - as it surely will.

Apart from making money from the affiliate program at the site you choose to join, you will also be in a good position to advertise your online writing services or to get work directly from the hundreds or thousands of potential clients who visit the site regularly looking for good content.

Sadly there are hardly any affiliate programs for writers yet or writer’s sites with good affiliate schemes. Actually they are very few. My advice is that if you can find even one that you can rely on, then it is a good idea to join immediately and set up a system to maximize your earnings from that single site. Then as other similar sites emerge and prove their reliability, you can transfer your skills and contacts to earning money from those other sites as well. That is exactly what I have done myself.

In this article I will reveal the name of that site I have joined and I’ll also give you a few tips on how to maximize on your earnings from that site, both from the affiliate scheme and from your writing.

This site has got a number of advantages over other sites for writers;

- The site sells your writing directly to clients seeking content. The writer gets the largest percentage and the balance is shared out with the host site, the writer’s up line (person who introduced them to the site) and the site that introduced the client who ended up purchasing the content at the writer’s site.

Writers have never been good marketers of their work and besides even when they are, marketing and selling your writing work can be very time-consuming. This site enables the writer to concentrate on writing and somebody else (in this case the website) does all your marketing and selling for you.

- There are two ways that your content can be purchased from the site. You can sell exclusive rights or license rights. Exclusive rights means that you cannot sell the same content again to somebody else, but under license terms, it means that you can still sell the same content to many other sites. I find this unique feature of the license terms, exciting because an article you wrote once can earn you income (royalties) several times and for many years to come.

- You will earn 5 per cent of all the earnings of other writers that you introduce to the site. 5 per cent may not be much but remember most of the cash has to go to the writer. And again, if you introduce many active writers, the income can be interesting. For example, imagine a situation where you introduce 200 active writers to the site and they are each earning an average of just $100 every month. Your 5 per cent will be $1,000 every month. Not bad money for doing nothing.

Introducing 200 active writers will not be that difficult, especially if you are a regular reader of my writing blog.

- Clients seeking content that arrive at the site via your affiliate link will earn you 20 per cent from whatever purchases they make. For this you will need to register separately for the affiliate program where they will analyze the main site you intend to use to refer clients to the constant content site.

- It is free to register at this writer’s site, which in my opinion is a sign of wonderful things to come for the online writer.

How do folks make serious money? Most do so by recognizing a trend and investing in it before it has taken off properly. This growing huge demand for online writers is a trend that is clear to most people. Now you must take urgent steps to invest in it.

Please use the link in my resource box below to get to the site I am referring to in this article. Tips on how best to make money from your own writing at the site are available at my writer’s blog.

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