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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

7 Key Features Any Good Article Submission Directory Should Have

There are many places on the Internet where you can Submit Articles for Redistribution.

Submitting Articles is very Time Consuming so why not find the Best Places to Spend your Time. Here are 7 Key Features any Good Article Submission Directory should have

1 - High Page Rank

The Higher the Google Page Rank the Better. High Page Rank Article Submission Directory Sites get more traffic. So often when your articles are published on these High Page Rank Article Submission Directory Sites you will notice an immediate impact on your Search Engine Position Here is a Free Tool that will allow you to find the Google page Rank of those Article Submission Directory Sites

2 - RSS Feeds

Dynamic Content is the Latest Rage (Okay maybe not the latest). Many Article users will grab the RSS Feed from Article Submission Directory Sites. Look for Article Submission Sites that offer RRS Feeds By Topic and Sub Topic. If you find a High Page Rank Article Submission Directory Site that offers Feeds by Author Post their Often.

3 - Number of Articles

Some Article Directories will tell you how many articles they have. Others will make you guess. Take some time Browse the Article Submission directory see if you can determine how many Authors and Articles they Have. Some of the Top Article Submission Sites have 25,000 or more Articles with 5,000 or more Authors

4 - Easy Search Capability

What's the point of posting an Article if no one can find it. Look for Search by Author, Search by Keyword and Search by Article text. Submit an Article go back to the site a few days later. If you can't easily find your article then forget about it.

5 - Easy Submit

The Easier it is to submit your article the quicker you can move on. There are a few places that allow you to post a link to your Article. If you find a High Page Rank Site that allows you to post a link to your article you found Gold.

If you go to submit and it crashes your browser or comes up with a 404 Page not found Error Say Next.

6 - Author Index

Having an Author Index where they Display your Profile and Article Organized by sub topic is a great Touch. This often Means Extra Back Links for you and your Web Page.

7 - Detail Author Profile

What could be better then placing your Link on a Web Page of a High Page Rank Article Directory Site.

Nice Bonus Upload Photo

People will are more likely to read your article and Click on your Link if they can see your Photo.
Another Bonus Good Stats

It is really nice to be able to see how many times an Article was Viewed and E-Mailed.

Here is a List of over 80 Article Submission Directories. Many of them still need to be evaluated. Have Fun and Good Luck.

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