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Friday, July 22, 2005

Winning Words for the Web

by Oscar Bruce

Give Your Web Site The Verbal Advantage
Have you ever sat down to create that winning ad, publicity release or newsletter and couldn't come up with the right words or phrases? You will never make your fortune until you cure this dialog dilemma. You must enlarge your powers of expression, acquire precision and persuasion. You need a powerhouse of color, flavor and tone to highlight your message. This applies to personal conversations, writing promotional material or creating a productive web site.

The Internet Is A Money Maker
In many ways the Web is the ultimate medium, but only for those who can deliver their message persuasively and convincingly. In the end it will be your site's ability to create desire and compel action that will bring real wealth. Those not possessing the necessary verbal skills will experience perpetual disappointment. They can not create the success they desire, socially or financially.

Winning Words
How do you make your web site dazzle, charm and seduce? For your site to be truly distinctive and compelling it will rely on successful semantics. Words and phrases carefully selected, then orchestrated to create feeling, then desire, and finally "action." In the end, the success of your site rests entirely on your visitor's decision to purchase and do it "now." Great graphics can't get that decision. Dazzling colors will not. Only moving and inspiring words can accomplish that mission.

You may have magical powers when you are there in person...Think you can charm a dog off a meat wagon in person...Then on the other hand, perhaps not. In either case, your words and phrases must carry your message without benefit of your presence. You can't rely on your great smile or your winning body language. Only the site's words will tell the world who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

So, expand your inventory of words and phrases, and then choose them with precision. You will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Copyright © 2005 Oscar Bruce

About Oscar:
Oscar Bruce is considered the ultimate personal communications guru. His dynamic books are considered field manuals for mastering conversation and confrontations. His website offers several verbal strategies that can add power to your conversations at no cost. HIS FREE NEWSLETTER and other products are available at http:///


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