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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Article Announer Audio Interview

It's Nicholas Dixon.

I'll keep this real short.

If you are like 99% of other online marketers today, you want one thing...

More traffic -- LOADS of traffic.

And if you can get this traffic without paying for it,even better. I just listened to a short audio interview that really opened my eyes to something that was sitting here the whole time.

I'll give you the audio link in just a second...

During this interview, I heard from an "average guy" who released an ebook, gave up "optimizing" his website...stopped paying for pay-per-click advertising a few weeks later... and as a result, his sales conversion shot up to a healthy 3.5%, and he is making MORE moolah than ever before!

....within 0-60 days, he is spending ZERO on advertising, doing no SEO stuff, yet making enough each month to easily cover his car payment plus a couple of nice dinners out with his wife....

How did he do it?

Here's the link to the interview. Just look under the"June 20th" post and you can listen to the MP3 audio interview. It will only take a few minutes.

Go check it out now:

Best Regards,
Nicholas Dixon